Is an ancient system of hands on healing which was rediscovered by Mikao Usui. Dr Mikao Usui, or Usui Sensei as he his called by his students in Japan, is the founder of the Usui System of Reiki.  He went on a 10 year search of Christianity, Buddhism, Chinese writing, holy writings. He returned to Japan where he discovered some Sanskrit formulas and symbols which seemed to hold answers to his questions.

The word Reiki comes from two Japanese words, Rei and Ki.  Rei meaning spiritual wisdom/god consciousness and Ki meaning life force.

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– Spiritual Wisdom

The interpretation of the Japanese character for Rei means supernatural knowledge of spiritual consciousness, it is understood to be a God consciousness or God force or “higher self”.


– Is the life force energy, or vital essence of the universe. It is also called the universal life force. It is the non physical energy that is in and circulating around all living things. It is present all around us and can be accumulated and guided by the mind. It is the life force of the planets, the earth, stars and heavens. The existence of this energy can be demonstrated by the use of Kirilian photography which has the capacity to take photographs of this aura/energy surrounding living things. This energy plays an important role in everything we do and is the primary source of our emotions, thoughts, health and spiritual life. When a person’s energy is high and flowing freely, they are less likely to get sick. When a living things dies it is because the life force energy has departed from the body,

Reiki is not a religion, or affiliated to any religion. It can cause healing on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. It treats the whole person. It heals where it sees healing is needed. If you have a sore shoulder which originates in the intestines, the energy will go to both places.

“Just for Today, do not worry

Just for today, do not be angry

Just for today, give thanks for your many blessings

Just for day, do your work honestly

Just for today, be kind to every living thing”

These Reiki Principles are the main tenets that the Traditional Japanese Reiki healer would have lived by.

The life force that flows through us is called Chi or Ki. It enters the body via the chakras and flows through the meridians and nadis and surrounds us with the energy field called the aura. A balanced and free flowing Ki equals good health. It nourishes the organs and cells of the body and supports them in their vital functions. If it is disrupted or blocked it will interfere with the functioning of the organs and tissues. It is the main cause of illness.

Chi responds to our thoughts and feelings this positive thoughts assist and enhance the Ki flow. When a Reiki treatment is received the Rei  assesses the healing need and directs the Reiki energy to unblock negative thought imprints and the energy block cleansing with positive energy. It raises the vibration level and causes the healing Ki to flow in a healthy and natural way.

There are several effects which can result from receiving Reiki. These include:

  • A feel of deep relaxation
  • Removal of energy blocks in the aura allowing the life force energy to flow throughout the body
  • Removal of toxins in the body more quickly than might occur without Reiki
  • Healing over time of emotional, physical, spiritual hurts
  • Creates a sense of peace and contentment
  • Creates a new understanding of life and gives a different perspective of problems


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