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Deep Tissue Massage & Pranic Healing

I came to Katrina with an excruciating pain in my shoulder, that radiated up into my neck and my head giving me awful migraines. First Katrina performed something she named Pranic Healing, that in some ways I found to be similar to Reiki. It relaxed me before the back massage and left my whole body tingling.  Katrina possesses a great knowledge of the human physic and also patience and strength, that makes her such an excellent healer.  She knows where the problem is and how to make it go away. At first it felt awfully painfully, but she would not stop and eventually I felt, that the pain was subsiding and I could move my shoulder again and breath freely, which was a problem before. Prior to my treatment at Katrina’s my pain level was 10 and when I left her place it went down to 3. I will most definitely be coming back to her for more treatment. Apart from Katrina being a life saver she is very caring and positive person.  I will be definitely coming back for more treatments! Wishing you the best of luck Katrina! Thank you

Fantastic Therapist

Katrina is an amazing therapist who is truly amazing at what she does . I have been attending Katrina for reflexology since I was a little girl and I always feel refreshed and energized after each treatment. Katrina is extremely easy to talk to and you instantly feel comfortable upon meeting her and you know you are in safe hands. A truly great experience with a lovely lady , she even gives you magic water to drink that makes your eyes sparkle 😉

Shauna Hun
A Little Piece Of Heaven

Katrina has a beautiful presence and character about her creating a wonderful experience for anyone that avails of her services. I can only speak highly of this wonderful lady.


Wonderful experience at Soul2Sole! Katrina is an excellent therapist, not only is she very professional, but also exceptionally gifted and a kind person! Thank you so much for making me feel better. Looking forward to my next visit!


Katrina is the most amazing therapist. After each reflexology treatment I feel the benefits in abundance. She is not only exceptional at what she does but she is also such a lovely and warm person and I love our chats. I highly recommend Soul2Sole.

Luana Mullen
Heaven On Earth

I have had various treatments with Katrina over a period of a few years with huge results. Katrina is so professional and kind she seems to know which treatment is most beneficial when you present yourself on a given day. I wish you continued success Katrina.

Agnes McCaffrey King
Soul2Sole really captures the experience you have when you enter Katrina’s treatment room. She has the ability to pinpoint the origin of discomfort, be it an emotional or physical one and to alleviate the problem. By the end of the treatment you know you have experienced a positive transformation. From Reiki, Reflexology, Massage and healing she has the natural ability as well as the skills to sooth your soul, and so I look forward to each treatment.
For Pain Relief Of The Body, Mind And Soul

I started attending Katrina a number of years ago for an initial chronic back problem – this is alleviated by the deep tissue massage treatment that Katrina has many years experience in and is of great physical relief for me. She has also been instrumental in helping me address underlining issues of stress during a time of great challenges and change in my life, through her compassionate holistic approach to total healing of body, mind and soul.

I cannot speak highly enough of Katrina as a person, who is a dedicated, skilled professional with a warm, positive personality, who has amazing empathy and insight. I would recommend her to anyone, from those who would wish to simply pamper themselves, to those who may wish to explore the full range of holistic healing treatments Katrina provides.
Paul C.
Sanctuary Of Loveliness

I’ve had two treatments so far with the lovely Katrina and both were absolutely amazing. I’m just home from reflexology and I hate my feet but never once felt uncomfortable. Katrina is very professional, warm, understanding and friendly. You couldn’t but be relaxed in her presence!


Katrina is amazing. I have only had 2 treatments of reflexology with her and she has helped me so much. Not only is Katrina an exceptional therapist but she is also warm, kind and extremely caring. So easy to talk too and so welcoming. Wish I had come to her sooner! I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Ciara Hannon
Deep Tissue Massage, Reiki, Reflexology

I have gone to Katrina for treatment as having a very physical lifestyle I often suffer from aches and pains. Katrina has an unique natural gift of connecting with you the minute you walk in to the room. Her natural empathy and concerns for my well-being is totally apparent.  The treatments I’ve had with Katrina are Deep Tissue Massage, Reiki, Reflexology and I can honestly say I feel so much better after every treatment. Katrina’s ability to make me feel better on many levels is what makes me her a great therapist. I can definitely and honestly recommend Katrina as a wonderful therapist and healer.

John Hatton
Reiki, Reflexology, Massage
I’ve attended Katrina numerous times now and experienced many of her treatments. I experience chronic pain and fibromyalgia and since getting treatments from Katrina I notice a difference in the pain and a greater sense of well-being. I experience anxiety also and with the treatments and tips I’m getting on top of the anxiety instead of it getting on top of me . Well worth booking a treatment you won’t regret it .
Gabrielle C.

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